Pricing - Cookies

Custom cookies are just that...custom.  I want to make sure you get exactly what you want and pricing will reflect the amount of effort and complexity for each cookie.  These cookies will make you proud!!!


Custom cookies have a minimum of one dozen.


Regular cookies are "standard" size, which means they are approximately 3-4" depending on the theme.

Mini cookies are approximately 1 1/2 - 2".


All cookies will be individually wrapped and heat sealed as a standard to preserve freshness for weeks.  If you want decorative packaging wrapped as party favors or with specialty ribbons there will be an extra charge of $1 per cookie.


All orders can be picked up at my home at a day/time that is coordinated between us.  If you need your cookies delivered, local delivery is available:

  • Free within 10 miles 
  • $20 over 10 miles 
  • 25 mile maximum one-way unless discussed and approved with me

PRICING: See below for price per dozen and the level of effort you can expect for each price level. 


$25 / DOZEN

  • Simpler design
  • Minimal piping
  • No airbrushing
  • No text
  • 2-3 designs
  • 2 colors

$30 / DOZEN

  • Moderate design
  • Moderate piping 
  • Minimal text
  • 3-4 designs
  • 3-5 colors

$35 / DOZEN

  • Detailed design
  • Detailed piping
  • Moderate text
  • Moderate airbrushing
  • 3-4 designs


  • Really, the rules go out the window. There will be a custom price for your ultimate custom cookies.

Please contact me via one of the methods below. I will reply as soon as possible so we can plan your perfect order!

  • Email: 
  • Text: 704-707-6895
  • Instagram: @sweetsomethingsbydeanna